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Partners of Tate Grossman Kelly & Iaccarino, LLP (TGKI Law) in conjunction with co-counsel Jason P. Sultzer of The Sultzer Law Group P.C., have over 125 years of combined legal and litigation experience ranging from civil cases and contract law to complex class action lawsuits, mass tort and multi-district litigation (MDL). TGKI Law was formed specifically to assist public and private sector businesses, municipalities, school districts and other institutions recover damages for losses incurred in their efforts to combat national crises such as the current vaping and opioid epidemics.

As a leader in opioid litigation, currently representing more than 100 organizations, TGKI Law is now focused on helping institutions such as school districts to recover similar economic losses which they suffered as a result of the vaping crisis.

Co-Founder and Lead Litigator of TGKI Law, Mark A. Tate of Tate Law Group in Savannah, GA, has successfully litigated cases involving wrongful death, chemical explosions, medical malpractice, defective products, personal injury, pharmaceutical, asbestos, and other general business matters. On behalf of his clients, Mr. Tate earned damage awards totaling in excess of $100 million. His background, experience, and judgment have earned him countless awards and national recognition.

Co-Counsel Jason P. Sultzer of The Sultzer Law Group P.C. has been recognized by both the media and his peers as the country’s top class action lawyer and he has successfully prosecuted some of the world’s largest corporations in highly publicized lawsuits in state and federal courts throughout the country. Mr. Sultzer has recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of aggrieved consumers nationwide, as lead counsel in a number of class action lawsuits. He has also been recognized as a “Top 500 Plaintiff Lawyer” in the country by LawDragon, and is a fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America (“LCA”). The Sultzer Law Group has five offices across NY, NJ, PA and CA.

Co-Founding Partners David Grossman, Dennis Kelly (www.kellyandgrossman.com) and Rick Iaccarino (www.bislaw.com) each bring unique experience, important legal insights and additional relevant resources to the firm. The combined effort and expertise of TGKI’s founding partners and co-counsel will enable us to best represent our client’s interests. It also gives us the opportunity to provide clients with more personal service with local office locations on Long Island and in Manhattan, as well as in upstate New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia and California.

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Our Philosophy

TGKI Law believes that school districts and related institutions are not only entitled to, but legally obligated to taxpayers, to file for damages in an effort to recoup losses incurred in relation to the vaping epidemic.

Our Principles

TGKI Law is dedicated to holding vaping manufacturers and distributors accountable for their actions on behalf of schools who spent valuable resources trying to combat the vaping crisis and protect students.


With several vaping cases already filed, TGKI Law strongly encourages districts to act quickly for the best opportunity to recover maximum damages.


Vaping is the next epidemic to face our country, and like the opioid crisis, it too was driven by the actions of unscrupulous manufacturers and distributors who seem to have taken a page out of big tobacco’s playbook on how to attract and addict new users. Sadly, they have aimed their target at our children. Vaping is growing at an alarming rate among teens, while vaping-related illness, injury and death are on the rise. Less tragic but no less real is the economic loss incurred by local school districts and related institutions who have spent tremendous resources trying to educate and protect their students while working to address and combat this crisis.

In addition to the time and money needed to develop educational programs and safety policies, districts have spent valuable resources to hire additional security, train staff, pay overtime, purchase special detectors and other equipment, modify school bathrooms, buildings and grounds to deter vaping in certain areas and more. TGKI Law, in conjunction with co-counsel Jason P. Sultzer of The Sultzer Law Group, is here to hold vaping manufacturers and distributors accountable for the economic damage they’ve caused and help schools recover damages for the resources they’ve lost as a result of the crisis they created.


The number of vaping-related lawsuits is growing quickly and filing EARLY usually provides clients with the best opportunity to recover the maximum amount of financial damages, so we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

Our firm has highly experienced and successful litigators, and we are perfectly positioned to help our clients win this fight. We have the resources necessary to bring your case to a successful conclusion. And, because we are accepting cases on a contingency basis, there is absolutely NO RISK to file with us because there are NO UP-FRONT FEES. TGKI Law will only be entitled to receive compensation if we successfully recover damages on our clients’ behalf. So don’t delay. Contact TGKI Law now for a FREE consultation at: 631.352.0146 or email us at: info@tgkilaw.com